4.29.14 | Innovation Project

by Raymond

Half a year ago, I started a YouTube upload project with the intention of making public domain recordings of classical music on the internet more accessible. Most public domain recordings of an acceptable audio quality can be found on http://imslp.org/, also an excellent resource for public domain sheet music. So why go as far as upload on YouTube something that’s already found on the internet? The main reason is that YouTube is the most known media sharing site. While many students/enthusiasts of classical music utilize IMSLP, it is still not that well known.

It was to be called the Art Music Repository, and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArtMusicRepository/

I had hoped that the project would contribute to the wealth of recordings already on YouTube, and more importantly, that it would give public domain artists more recognition. However, I can safely say that this project is currently a failure. Even with my attempts to create multiple presences of the project on several share sites,  the channel has gained one measly subscriber and an abysmally low number of views on its videos. The current upload project focuses on the major works of piano composer Frédéric Chopin, but with the videos being virtually invisible in the past few months, I have ceased uploading until I can find some way to make some portion of the classical music community on the internet aware of the project.

I believe that, in itself, the project was not a bad idea to start with, but the problem lies within my inability to understand the infrastructure of social media/media sharing.

That said, here is a recording of Chopin’s complete Op. 25 Etudes, performed by Mehmet Okonsar. The music still shines brightly as ever, even in struggle.