2.12.14 | Gifts

by Raymond

The social obligation of giving gifts for a certain occasion has never bothered me. It’s just one of those pitfalls of human interactions. I deal with it because it is inevitable. I don’t know why people say ‘bless you’ in response to a sneeze, why some conversations end with “have a nice day” (do you hope I have a nice day, or are you telling me to have a nice day? How do I make myself have a nice day?), why it is customary to hold the door open for others, etc. I find it best not to think too hard about the logic of these actions. I don’t believe that any individual count of these actions genuinely matter in a practical manner. However, I do believe that these social niceties matter because the do-er cares just enough to do them, regardless of their insignificance.

I’m going to post something different than my usual music post. Why not?