Opus 130

Month: December, 2013

12.10.13 | Off

Sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by thinking too much.

– Raymond


12.2.13 | Silence

Silence is the absence of sound. Or maybe it is a different type of sound. I prefer to think of it as the most powerful sound. Nothing grabs my attention more quickly than silence. You can discern the type of situation by the sounds of the environment, and even in the most dire moment, the danger never hides. But silence is another species. It is a rare and special occasion, but it is also the environment rendering you the most vulnerable.

Then, of course, there are the totally harmless awkward silences–but that’s a different story.

The following is the second piece from Maurice Ravel’s piano suite, Gaspard de la nuit. The set of three pieces was dedicated to the French poet Aloysius Bertrand, and was also based on three poems written by him. The second piece, Le gibet, depicts a hanging corpse in a barren desert.

– Raymond